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Physical Fitness Appraisals, Intermediate Level

Fitness AthleteOur physical fitness appraisal, intermediate level, provides a fun and safe way to evaluate the components of fitness commonly required for labor intensive work or sport participation. The intermediate fitness Appraisal can also be customized to fit the performance needs of Public Service personnel (Police Officers and Firefighters), unique work-groups, and /or athletes. Best of all, we can bring these tests to your work site or help utilize your current facility and equipment.

Fitness tests can be tailored to fit your needs but often include;

  • BMI, Blood Pressure, Body fat, Waist Circumference measurements
  • Treadmill sub-max VO2 test
  • High-jump
  • Timed agility run
  • Sit and reach flexibility
  • Core endurance test
  • Grip strength test

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