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Kaiser Develops New School District Employee Wellness Plan

Kaiser Permanente, Elk GroveKaiser Permanente has recently devised a way to help Elk Grove Unified School District employees stay healthy and fit.

As part of their national campaign geared towards the wellness of employees, Kaiser provides user-friendly tools, resources, and events to help school district workers manage their fitness and health.

The Kaiser Your Health, Your Choice Worksite Wellness program is providing school district employees with nine to 11 biometric healthcare screenings at high schools in the area; three of them will be held at the district office.

At these events, workers – whether they are Kaiser members or not – can receive screenings that measure their levels of glucose, cholesterol, body mass index, and blood pressure.

All of the tests can help someone identify potential risks that may lead to future health issues.

“The school district designed this program and turned to us as the primary healthcare provider to develop the clinical arm of it,” said Dr. Lisa Liu, medical director for Kaiser Permanente. “It’s really important for people to understand what their numbers mean and for us to see what we can do to help.”

Kaiser Permanente’s Workplace Wellness Programs Receive Top Honor From National Business Group on Health

Corporate Health Promotion, Work life balance

Kaiser Permanente Northern California’s Live Well Be Well workplace-wellness program received platinum certification in the 2012 Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles awards presented by the National Business Group on Health.

To help ensure that we continue to consistently deliver superior health care and service to our members and our communities, we must make sure our employees and physicians have the tools and resources they need to help them to live well and thrive.

Corporate Health Promotion leverages Kaiser Permanente’s clinical excellence and health-promotion expertise to provide you with work-site wellness services and programs similar to what we offer our own employees.  We offer everything from cholesterol and blood-pressure screenings to cooking, weight-loss, exercise and smoking-cessation classes and programs.  These programs and services work to nourish mind, body and spirit – the total health.

Contact us for more information on how we can help your Workplace Thrive.

Health Care Leader Awarded “Platinum Certification” for Promoting Health And Wellness Among Tens of Thousands of Employees and Physicians – Read the full article…

Tobacco Use – Kaiser Helps Employees “Call It Quits!”

An image of a man considering change?

Kaiser Permanente cares about your health.  Quitting tobacco is the number one way to improve your health and prevent illness.  Even if you have tried to quit before without success, don’t give up! With every quit attempt, you are one step closer to quitting for good.  Kaiser Permanente’s Corporate Health Promotion team is here to help.  We offer workshops, series classes and quit tobacco health coaching with great success.

Did you know that Quitting with the help of  one of our programs makes you more than 7 times more likely to be successful?  For more information on the success of our programs, contact us.

Just in the United States, tobacco use, especially smoking, contributes to more than 430,000 deaths each year. In California, second hand smoke kills about 4,700 non-smokers per year. This means that if you are smoking around others, you could be putting them at risk. Smoking can also cause sexual problems and infertility.

The quitting process is the same no matter what kind of tobacco you use (chew, pipe, cigars, dip).  Let us help you find success.

“Health Happens” with Dr. Oz and Kaiser Permanente

Picture of Dr. Oz speaking at the "Health Happens" event

Dr. Oz Helps with California’s Pilot Wellness Initiative ‘Health Happens’

Creators of a new pilot state government wellness program hope it will demonstrate how investing in health improves lives and saves money. Health Happens in the Workplace is a partnership among several state agencies, unions, Kaiser Permanente, the California Endowment, and HealthCorps. HealthCorps is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz and his wife Lisa.

The wellness program evolved from a study of healthcare costs for state employees insured by CalPers. It found that 22.4 percent of medical expenditures in 2008 were for treating chronic diseases that could be prevented through changes in diet and increased physical activity.

The study found that interventions such as workplace wellness programs could result in substantial savings. For example, a 1 percent reduction in costs could net an annual savings of $3.6 million. The 2-year pilot will focus on increasing physical activity, eating better, and reducing stress. HealthCorps is donating staff and resources to support the effort.

State Treasurer Bill Lockyer stated, “We owe it to taxpayers to do everything we can to better control the costs of the healthcare benefits we provide public employees.” And we owe it to those workers to help them lead healthier lives.” Lockyer said he could personally attest to the goals, adding, “I’ve lost about 40 pounds, and I feel great.”

Kaiser Permanente’s Corporate Health Promotion Team offers customized wellness programs, incentive management, and competitive Pricing. Contact us for more information on how we can help your business Thrive.

Kaiser Permanente Presents at the American Journal of Health Promotion Conference

American Journal of Health Promotion, 22nd Annual Conference

We were thrilled to present at the 22nd annual Art and Science of Health Promotion Conference in beautiful San Diego on April 11-15th, 2012.

Kaiser Pemanente is an integrated health-care delivery system with unique capabilities to serve corporate and community clients– serving both KP members and non-members (or pre-members!).  Kaiser Permanentes’ Corporate Health Promotion team addressed the culture of various industries and the unique opportunities and challenges each face, from consultative-business to industrial, call-centers to truck drivers, and even those in the gaming industry.  View our poster session for more ideas on how we can help your Workplace Thrive.

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