Kaiser Permanente Corporate Health Promotion Team

Wellness Screenings


  • Personal Wellness Profile Assessment –  Each participant will complete a lifestyle assessment questionnaire, receive Cholesterol (Total Cholesterol, HDL & Ratio), Diabetes (Blood Sugar Level), and Blood Pressure Screening.  Participant will receive same day screening results, and in 2 to 4 weeks mailed their Personal Wellness Profile Report.  The report is a detailed educational assessment designed to help participant evaluate their current lifestyle, identify health risks, and decide where and how to make improvements. This service includes;
    • Personal Wellness Profile Assessment
    • Employer Executive Summary Report (Minimum of 50 participants) – This report goes to the employer and summarizes the primary health findings for those individuals who completed the Personal Wellness Profile Health Assessment.  This report does not include participant’s names.
    • Repeater Report (Minimum of 50 participants) – tracks results of those who  have participated in multiple assessments.  This report is great for tracking progress over time.
    • Productivity Report (Minimum of 50 participants) – Looks at the cost of the populations existing risk factors and demonstrates cost savings of health improvement.
  • Blood Pressure –  Screening for blood pressure and pulse.  Awareness of risk for coronary heart disease, results given with explanation and referral for additional screening or contacting primary care provider when necessary.  Summary report available upon request for a fee.
  • Body Composition –  Using bioelectrical impedance, this screening calculates percentage of body fat and amount of body weight comprised of fat.  Information on target range, BMI, and health education materials provided.  Summary report available upon request for a fee.
  • Cholesterol Screening –  Fingerstick blood sample gives each individual Total Cholesterol, HDL, and ratios. Participants get same day results.  Minimum of 50 participants.  Summary report available upon request for a fee.
    • Total Cholesterol, HDL, and Glucose (Blood Sugar)
    • Fasting Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides and Glucose (Bloor Sugar)
  • Dermascan Skin Evaluations –  Skin evaluations allow participants to see previous sun damage to their skin.  Participants receive sun exposure education and information on skin cancer awareness and prevention.
  • Diabetes Screening –  Random blood glucose screening, fingerstick blood sample provides non-fasting glucose level.  Participants screened to identify possible diabetes risk.  At risk participants are given resource information and are referred to primary care provider. Minimum of 50 participants.
    • Glucose (Blood Sugar) Screening only