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Classes and Workshops

Single or multiple-session offerings. Many classes are available in Webinar format. Custom topics are available by request.

Single-Session Offerings

  • Learn to Let Go –  Practical Skills for Stress Management – This workshop describes the body’s “stress response,” how to identify stress, and helps participants combat these effects by providing an overview of stress management techniques.
  • Total Health Nutrition –  Learn the principles of good nutrition as they apply to basic good health and helping to lower the risk of developing certain chronic conditions.  This class is also helpful for those wishing to further improve control of chronic conditions or focus on preventative eating.
  • Great Heart.  Eat Smart: Heart Healthy Nutrition –  Participants will learn heart healthy ways to reduce their risk for heart disease.  Information on low fat and low cholesterol diets, restaurant meals, low fat cooking techniques, and label reading will be discussed.
  • Just My Size Nutrition : A Nutritious Guide to Weight Loss­ –  This workshop provides participants with an understanding of weight management principles, how to judge fad diets, diet aids, as well as be able to identify behavioral aspects of weight control.  Learn how focusing on health, not thinness, can revamp the control you have in maintaining a healthier body weight.
  • Eat to Live.  Don’t Live to Eat –  A Behavioral Approach to Weight Management – This workshop looks at “non-hunger eating”, cravings, and self-defeating beliefs about food and weight, helping participants manage these challenges through mindfulness based techniques.
  • Get Moving –  An Introduction to Exercise –  Participants will learn guidelines for physical activity, the different types of physical activity, and explore ways to increase motivation and overcome barriers.
  • Fitness:  Work Smarter, Not Harder –  Work with a personal trainer to find the best fitness routine for you.  This class will briefly review fitness guidelines and will help you take general fitness and exercise information one step further by developing a personalized plan that will help you see results.
  • What Every Man/Woman Should Know: A Man/Woman’s Guide for Staying Healthy –  This class may be taught as either a class focusing on Women’s Health or as a class focusing on Men’s Health.
  • Be a Better Communicator –  How to perfect your communication style with anyone and how to convey the best intended message for maximum results.
  • Beat the Heat: Heat Related Illness Prevention and Treatment –  Learn more about Heat Related Illness Prevention and treatment.  This class is especially useful for those involved with sports or traveling and is appropriate for people of all ages.
  • Getting Ready.  Get Set.  Stop Smoking! –  Tobacco Cessation Workshop – Get ready to quit smoking by assessing your readiness, learning about the quitting process and developing your own quit plan.  This class is great preparation for the Freedom From Tobacco Series.
  • Summer Safety – Enjoy the great outdoors this summer in a safe way.  This workshop will look at specific summer health concerns including sun exposure, insect protection and outdoor food safety precautions.
  • Your best Defense: Cold & Flu Prevention and Treatment Seminar – Learn how to stay well and avoid common ailments as well as proper treatment.
  • Laughter is the Best Medicine – Tips & techniques to be more in control of internal and external happiness signs.
  • How Can I reduce My Cancer Risk?  A Guide to Preventative Screenings – Learn more about cancer screenings: breast, prostate, testicular and colon.  This class will review general risk information and screening recommendations.
  • The Sandwich Generation: Coping Skills for Caregivers – Learn more about how to best care for yourself and those you love.
  • Resolution to Change: SMART Skills for Improving Your Life – This class will review the behavior change process and skills for making a change.   Take the first step toward a new you and leave this class with a plan of action.
  • So What’s Out There?: On-line Tools to Help You Improve Your Health and Wellness – Ever wonder which websites you can trust and which are just trying to sell you something?  This class will offer suggestions for websites that are evidence based and can help you improve and maintain your health without breaking the bank.
  • Living Agelessly – Come learn valuable lessons on living longer from people who live the longest.
  • Back Care – This workshop will provide tips for protecting your back with things like regular exercise, proper posture, neutral spine, etc.  Proper form and sample exercises will be reviewed with plenty of time for practice.
  • Summer Shape-Up – This class will help you find your motivation to “Spring into Fitness.” Learn how to make the most of your time using circuit training and receive a customizable workout. This class also covers summer safety and dispels the most common exercise myths.

Multiple-Session Offerings

  • Taking Control of Your Diabetes –  This multi-session (3-part) class provides support and discussion to help manage blood sugars and offers tips for improved glycemic control. Those with Type I and Type II DM, as well as those experiencing hypoglycemia will benefit.
  • Overcoming High Cholesterol –  This multi-session (2-part) class provides support and discussion to help manage total cholesterol and LDL levels, and increasing the HDL.   Genetic and lifestyle components are addressed.
  • Beating the Silent Killer –  How to Manage Your High Blood Pressure –  Single overview session or multi-session (2-part) class provides support and discussion to help manage systolic and diastolic blood pressures and the role both genetics and especially lifestyle plays for the role of better control.
  • Lifestyle & Living Smart –  Weight Management Series – This 10-session series provides support and discussion about behavior, triggers and skills to manage and maintain lifestyle changes for life-long healthy weight.  The course includes a text book in addition to other educational tools.  This series can be split into 2 shorter series if preferred.
  • Easy Does It! Practical Skills For Stress Management –  This 2-part class provides support and discussion to help understand internal and external stress triggers.  Participants will look at their own stress signals and how and why they respond to certain situations.  Behavioral skills/strategies will be explored and practiced for the development of optimal coping techniques.
  • Freedom from Tobacco: Tobacco Cessation Series –  Declare your freedom and join our tobacco cessation program.  Learn about the nature of nicotine addiction, how to develop a personal quit plan, and how to deal with withdrawal.  This more intensive, 6-session series is designed for participants who have not succeeded with a previous attempt to quit or for those who would like more support than just the single session workshop.
  • Thriving During the Holiday Season – Learn ways to stay healthy during the busy holiday season.   Participants will receive tips for managing stress, healthy eating and maintaining a healthy weight during the craziest time of the year.  Coping techniques can emphasize eating or stress focus.