Celebrating the healthy achievements of your employees! Kaiser Permanente, Corporate Health Promotion

Health “Challenges” and Games

Encourage healthy lifestyle behaviors.  Challenges are designed to help employees adopt or maintain a healthier way of living in a fun, informative,  and supportive environment. This often helps build camaraderie, raising employee moral and productivity.

Our Wellness Challenges Include –

Wearing Pedometers and Tracking Steps

  • Ask us about digital activity trackers and accelerometers, Step-based Challenges and touring with Pedometers

Train for a 5K Race

  • Ask us about training plans, special lectures, and race event coordination

Healthy Weight

  • Ask us about our “Maintain Don’t Gain” Weight Maintenance Challenge, or our “Healthy Weight” Body Composition Challenge

Promote Healthy Eating

  • Ask us about our “Mix-it-up” Challenge

Health topics: Coaching, Consultations, and Support; Healthy Eating and Nutrition; Physical Activity and Exercise;