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Workplace Flu Prevention Clinics

Image of a friendly office gathering, Kaiser PermanenteThere are many sensible reasons for getting a flu shot. Every year the flu vaccine helps save lives, while decreasing time and money lost from being out of work sick. The flu vaccine also helps break the chain of transmission and minimizes the spread of flu to your co-workers or family.

The flu season regularly peaks in January or February, and while early immunization is the most effective, it’s never too late to get a flu vaccine. Kaiser Permanente’s Corporate Health Promotion Team understands the power of prevention.  Our mobile on-site flu clinics continue to arm work-sites in the greater Sacramento area. This year alone, our team administered close to 3,000 immunizations at more than 40 work-sites from September to November.

Corporate Health Promotion is proud to provide easy to schedule, on-site flu clinics and health promotion services. Let us help you exercise the power of prevention. See our service listing or contact us for more on how we can help your team Thrive.