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Top Corporate Health Promotion Services for 2012

Image: Making a ListLast year, Kaiser Permanente’s Corporate Health Promotion team brought Wellness services on-site to over 400 business locations in California and other states. In the spirit of prevention, we reviewed our top service requests from 2012 to answer the question, “What is trending in Corporate Health Promotion?” Here is a list of our most requested Health Promotion Services ranked by there popularity.

1.       Wellness Screenings – Each year our team travels throughout California and surrounding states to perform mobile health screens, which can include a lifestyle assessment, same-day screening results for cholesterol and blood sugar, blood pressure measurement, and an on-line or mailed personal wellness profile report. Many companies are now pairing annual wellness screenings with a progressive incentive structure to boost employee participation in a successful program that leads to effective health improvements.

2.       Classes and Workshops – A Hot topic for 2012 was Stress Management, a topic covered in classes like “Practical Skills for Stress Management” and “Learning to Let Go.” Other popular topics included Healthy Eating and Nutrition and Tobacco / Nicotine Cessation. Important health and prevention topics are often customized to meet the needs of time-limited work groups. Some work sites prefer to piggyback a class with regular staff meetings, or to offer a class via webinar. Health sound bites can also be provided via teleconference “call-ins.”

3.       Health Coaching and Consultations – This category of service also ranked in the top. Health coaching participants receive one-on-one coaching to help them better identify and outline steps toward improved health. This interaction can occur in person or via telephone. Top consultative services included “Ask the expert,” a highly regarded service that brings a health expert of your choice to the Worksite for some Q&A or special topic conversation. Popular physical activity and exercise consultations included onsite personal training, health-fitness appraisals, and health zone consultations. Our Health zone consultations helped many worksites improve café offerings, nutrition label food items, and find creative ways to fit in fitness at work. We helped businesses create “walkable” worksites using our “simple to launch” Walk-path Toolkit. We also advised on alternative workspaces like the new treadmill desks and standing workstations.

4.       Cooking Demonstrations – Live, on-site cooking demonstrations offer participants ideas on how to use fresh and healthy ingredients to prepare simple meals.  As the old adage goes, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Teaching your employees how to cook can give them the power to eat healthy and make smart dietary choices anywhere. Cooking demonstrations offer tips on how to make smarter choices for health, or weight management, when cooking and eating. Samples and recipes are provided in this lively, interactive and tasty road show. Topics vary by request.

5.       Information Tables and Games – Information tables and games are often the perfect fit for health fairs and events allowing our team to engage your employees in a healthy conversation. Display the health topic of your choice; many employer groups request health information tables to advertise there monthly Wellness theme. Health information tables and games give your employees the opportunity to interact with a health professional, ask questions, and receive take-away information. Some especially popular and interactive information tables include the hand washing station, Dermascan skin evaluations, and body composition or strength testing.

From our staff to yours — We wish you a healthy, happy 2013! Corporate Health Promotion is proud to provide easy to schedule health promotion services. Let us help you exercise the power of prevention. See our service listing or contact us for more on how we can help your team Thrive.