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Tobacco Use – Kaiser Helps Employees “Call It Quits!”

An image of a man considering change?

Kaiser Permanente cares about your health.  Quitting tobacco is the number one way to improve your health and prevent illness.  Even if you have tried to quit before without success, don’t give up! With every quit attempt, you are one step closer to quitting for good.  Kaiser Permanente’s Corporate Health Promotion team is here to help.  We offer workshops, series classes and quit tobacco health coaching with great success.

Did you know that Quitting with the help of  one of our programs makes you more than 7 times more likely to be successful?  For more information on the success of our programs, contact us.

Just in the United States, tobacco use, especially smoking, contributes to more than 430,000 deaths each year. In California, second hand smoke kills about 4,700 non-smokers per year. This means that if you are smoking around others, you could be putting them at risk. Smoking can also cause sexual problems and infertility.

The quitting process is the same no matter what kind of tobacco you use (chew, pipe, cigars, dip).  Let us help you find success.