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Launch your Worksite Walk Path Today!

Walk path, campus map, Kaiser campusHelp your employees improve their health by identifying walking paths around or near the work place and promoting them with signs and route maps. Kaiser Permanente’s Corporate Health Promotion team can help you easily launch your worksite walk path. We will help you survey and select a safe and convenient walk path, identify the appropriate type of signs, and then save you cost on printing and design using our colorful and complete walk path toolkit.

We were built to move and walking just might be the “single greatest intervention” for overall health benefit. A healthy dose of walking can be accomplished 10 minutes at a time. Studies have shown that walking 150 minutes a week may decrease chances of: Type 2 diabetes 58%, Depression 47%, Breast cancer 20%, Colon cancer 30%, Heart disease 30%, Stroke 25%, Stress / anxiety 30%, Insomnia 40%. It can also significantly decrease the recurrence of some cancers, osteoporosis, fatigue, Alzheimer’s, and dementia. Walking doesn’t require breaking a sweat and all you need is comfortable pair of shoes making it the perfect workplace exercise.

Contact us to receive a walk path price quote, and download our Walk Path Sample Signage Toolkit here. Walk path signage is “built to fit” your specific needs and budget. All signage is customized to fit your campus using a step-by-step design and approval process, meaning that you’ll get to review all pieces before they go to print. Once you launch your walk path, we can also help provide walking program support. Get started today and get your employees moving!