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“Health Happens” with Dr. Oz and Kaiser Permanente

Picture of Dr. Oz speaking at the "Health Happens" event

Dr. Oz Helps with California’s Pilot Wellness Initiative ‘Health Happens’

Creators of a new pilot state government wellness program hope it will demonstrate how investing in health improves lives and saves money. Health Happens in the Workplace is a partnership among several state agencies, unions, Kaiser Permanente, the California Endowment, and HealthCorps. HealthCorps is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz and his wife Lisa.

The wellness program evolved from a study of healthcare costs for state employees insured by CalPers. It found that 22.4 percent of medical expenditures in 2008 were for treating chronic diseases that could be prevented through changes in diet and increased physical activity.

The study found that interventions such as workplace wellness programs could result in substantial savings. For example, a 1 percent reduction in costs could net an annual savings of $3.6 million. The 2-year pilot will focus on increasing physical activity, eating better, and reducing stress. HealthCorps is donating staff and resources to support the effort.

State Treasurer Bill Lockyer stated, “We owe it to taxpayers to do everything we can to better control the costs of the healthcare benefits we provide public employees.” And we owe it to those workers to help them lead healthier lives.” Lockyer said he could personally attest to the goals, adding, “I’ve lost about 40 pounds, and I feel great.”

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