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Digital Signs Promote Health and Wellness

Still looking for ways to creatively grab the attention of your staff with healthy reminders and wellness messages? Rather than continuing to exhaust the same advertising medium using print ads, expand your options with digital signage. Digital signage is a type of electronic display that is used to build awareness, conveniently selling your wellness message. Digital signage works so well because it strikes the perfect balance between subtle and “in your face.” Kaiser Permanente’s Corporate Health Promotion group offers digital signage custom to your Wellness theme. We offer a library of slides covering healthy eating, exercise, prevention, and more.

In the corporate environment, digital signage can easily be displayed on computer monitors, employee websites, hallway monitors, café monitors, or TV screens. As an advertising medium, digital signage can help expand your opportunities to promote wellness, effectively attract attention, and reduce print costs while supporting your efforts to “Go Green.” Contact us to learn more about receiving digital signage custom to your Wellness theme.

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